100 rationales for 2015

IR #001

Most people begin the new year with a set of resolutions… which eventually don’t last longer than the 1st 2 weeks.

I tend to do something different. I usually make a list of 10-15 things I want to do or accomplish in a particular year. The success rate for the past 3 years has been around 70-80%. The main reason for this high success rate is not my extremely high will power or dedication, but its the fact that I religiously follow 3 things.

  • I print out a copy and carry it with me at all times. (Have a copy in my wallet)
  • I make it a point to read it twice every week. (Just to keep reminding myself to look for opportunities to accomplish them)
  • I cross them out immediately after achieving them.

These will fall under the “Oh!! I have heard this a million times. This post is going to be about positive affirmation and all that cosmic bulls***” look you have on your face right now. Trust me its not!!

I am writing this post to let everyone know of a small change I have made to my yearly practice. Apart from my usual 12 things I want to accomplish in 2015, I have decided to add 3 “QUESTS” in the list as well. these quests would be a little different from the things I want to do. The usual things are stuff I want to “Accomplish” in 2015 while the quests are the 3 “Journeys” I want to undertake.

The one I would like to announce here on my blog is this –


Trust me this does not fall under an accomplishment of 100 posts… That is why I specifically added the word “Original” to it. Plus, it will be a journey for me as a writer to constantly develop content that will be shared, liked, critiqued, lambasted etc. The growth I will experience this year will be worth the time and effort I will have to put in.

I encourage you all to embark on a quest this year and not a resolution for 2015. Let us all make 2015 count!!!

P.S. This was my first post in my quest. You can see how many I have reached by looking at the 1st line in every post. This is IR #001. Target is to reach IR #100 by December 31st 2015.


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