Actors who can pull it off… But will never be James Bond

IR #002

I am a huge fan of the James Bond franchise brand… Please note, I mentioned the James Bond “brand” not the franchise. The concept of a highly suave, tough, intelligent ladies man who knows no fear and oozes machismo and style is something every man aims to emulate. Oops.. I almost forgot the British/Scottish accent. The character development and its representation have been extremely impressive resulting in 24 movies to date!!! Quite a statistic on its own.

The question, “Who was your favorite Bond?” will always result in 2 names being thrown in your face 80% of the time. Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. I personally love them equally for their individual style they brought out on the screen.

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I will have to say something that might lead to loads of criticisms and arguments flying in from all corners. I THINK DANIEL CRAIG IS NOT A SUITABLE BOND!! Not questioning his acting abilities or his skill as a performer. He just does not fit the Bond profile.

So I decided to write this post where I look at other actors who could (or still can… fingers crossed) do justice to the role of Agent 007. many of them will never be Bond and have put up my thoughts on it as well.

Call me an Anglophile… But Bond has to be British!!! Except for one notable exception who I have mentioned in my list.

5.     Jude Law    


This guy is an extremely underrated actor who I feel has never received his due. Despite his theatre background, he was always noticed for his roles as the 2nd fiddle in movies like The Talented Mr. Ripley, A.I and Sherlock Holmes.

Bond style : The quiet but efficient bond with intense looks and a strange sense of mystery around him.

Why he can’t be Bond : He would be a total contrast to what Daniel Craig’s Bond is like now (ugh!!!). Also, his success rate with the second in command roles might work against him especially having delivered a really great performance as Dr. Watson.

4.     Gerard Butler


My 3rd favorite item to come out of Scotland right after Scotch Whiskey and Sean Connery. A really versatile actor who has proved his mettle with roles in movies like The Ugly Truth, P.S. I Love You, Olympus has Fallen and who can forget.. 300.

Bond style : A rugged but refined Bond. One who can easily speak with his mouth as well as his eyes. A mix of Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig.

Why he can’t be Bond : Maybe lacks a bit of the sophistication that James Bond needs. Also, most importantly, he had a small role in the Pierce Brosnan starring Bond movie, Tomorrow Never Dies.

3.     Hugh Jackman


I wish  I could look and carry myself around like he does!!! Ok.. Enough of the Bromance. He is by far the most complete actor in Hollywood off late. Easily juggling, movies, theatre and broadway. His memorable roles are plenty.. but he will always be Logan or Wolverine. I rank him 3 only because he is Australian.. not British.

Bond style : Suave, tough, physical, intelligent, romantic.. You name it.

Why he can’t be Bond :  He already has too strong a character reference… Wolverine. Also he has refused the role before Daniel Craig (Aaargh!!!) was cast.

2.     Benedict Cumberbatch

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Movies, television, theatre, radio, narration… You name it.. He’s done it. One of the most profilic actors who has surfaced in recent times. With appearances on Simpsons, voice of Smaug in The Hobbit… everyone knows Sherlock.. Oops, I meant Benedict.

Bond style : Intelligent, brooding, conflicted and ruthless.

Why he can’t be Bond :  Extremely high character association with the character of Sherlock Holmes. Also might not be able to pull of the romance angle in Bond movies.

1.     Christian Bale


Christian BaleI don’t have any description to give about this guy. His work speaks for himself. He has put himself, his body and his fans through an amazing ride all these years and it begs us all to ask the question…. WHY THE HELL HAS HE NOT BEEN CAST AS JAMES BOND YET???

Bond style : Anything you want him to be.. and much much more.

Why he can’t be Bond : He will always be BATMAN!! And America Psycho. And all the other amazing characters. But seriously… WHY THE HELL HAS HE NOT BEEN CAST AS JAMES BOND YET???


Some other honorable mentions for the role (Both past and future), who could or might not make it are:

Liam Neeson                Ralph Fiennes              Micheal Caine









Tom Hardy               Clive Owen               LEONARDO DI CAPRIO!!!!

This Means Warclive_owen

69th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals





So that sums up my list… Leo would have been on my list, but alas I only wanted to select one American actor on the list.


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