10 Malayalam movies that could be remade in Hindi

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Malayalam movies have not been the primary choice of remakes in Bollywood. This is especially true if you look at the recent trend to remake hit South Indian movies starring the biggest names of Bollywood. The language of choice is predominantly Telugu followed by Tamil. It goes without saying that most Telugu hits are remade in Tamil and vice versa. Another theory is that Malayalam films tend to be more story and character driven than most other languages and the hero worship factor is also considerably less.

Some Malayalam films have made the transition successfully to Bollywood like Bodyguard, Manichitratazhu (Bhool Bhulaiyya), Ram Ji Rao Speaking (Hera Pheri), Godfather (Hulchul), and most of Priyadarshan’s Hindi ventures. Here I have listed down a few Malayalam Movies that can make the transition if the treatment is only slightly altered.

1. CBI Series

ThOru CBI Diary Kurippu (1988)e character of Sethuraman Iyer played by Mammooty will always be the quintessential character of an extremely intelligent, no nonsense investigative officer who solves cases using only his brain and almost no brawn. This movie franchise has spanned 4 parts, the most in Malayalam film history.

Why it can be remade – Strong story backed suspense thriller

Casting – Anil Kapoor


2. Ustad Hotel

ustad_hotel_ver13_xlgA wonderful coming of age movie with a strong social message and mindblowing performance by the thespian Thilakan in his one of his last onscreen roles. This film tugged at the hearts of all those who watched it and the balance between screen time between Thilakan and Dulqar Salman was one of the main reasons we still fail to identify who was the movie revolving around.

Why it can be remade – Social message than transcends all language barriers

Casting – Shahid Kapoor, Om Puri



3. How Old are You?

A comebackhow-old-are-you-posters film for one of the most loved actresses of the Malayalam film industry – Manju Warriar. A female oriented movie that works hard to dispel the societal misconceptions of the link between the age and ability of a woman in our times. The story of a married woman’s struggle to come out of her family’s shadow and create her own niche is one that the women of the world can relate with.

Why it can be remade – Strong character backed role for the lead actress

Casting – Madhuri Dixit Nene


4. Diamond Necklace

Diamond-Necklace-389x518_0A tale of a “regular” guy living his extravagant life in Dubai fueled by credit cards (trust me I know.. have lived the life briefly.) The women who enter his life, the friends who desert him when the banks close in on him, relationships that stay strong and how he manages to escape the never ending cycle of credit card payments is a true delight to watch.


Why it can be remade – A story any NRI can relate to.

Casting – Ranbir Kapoor


5. Drishyam

The sDrishyam Malayalam Movie Posters (6)tory of a common man fighting to save his family from the clutches of the police after inadvertently committing a crime was one of the biggest hits in recent times. The anguish that the lead character goes through, the meticulous planning and the final unbelievable execution made this movie a roller coaster ride.

Why it can be remade – Strong story backed suspense thriller with a mindblowing ending

Casting – Aamir Khan



6. Amen

A subtle love amen-malayalam-movie-poster-03-001story woven into a complicated landscape with parallel stories running alongside it, was a visual treat last year. Add to this an element of mystery, wonder and religious beliefs, it is a perfect mix of emotions that the viewer will experience during this lighthearted film.

Why it can be remade – Feel good movie with the underdog fighting for survival.

Casting – Akshay Kumar (Indrajith), Abhay Deol (Fahadh Fazil)




7. Mumbai Police

Mumbai Police poster04This is one movie that pushed the boundaries in recent times and took the audiences to the limits of their comfort zone. Hats go off the lead actor for essaying this unconventional role – a gay police officer. The tight story-line and enough space for 3 mainstream actors to create their own magic was a welcome thriller with lots of testosterone flowing is a perfect potboiler.

Why it can be remade – Breakthrough theme and bold tacking of homosexuality

Casting – Siddharth Malhotra (Prithviraj), Jimmy Shergill (Jayasurya), Ronith Roy (Rahman)


8. Memories

Memories_(2013_film)Another police drama, this time that tells the story of a brooding drunken police officer who tries to put his life and career back on track. The lead character is on the track for a mysterious serial killer who leaves cryptic clues on the bodies of all his victims. Plenty of machismo and alpha male elements thrown around for the viewers as well.

Why it can be remade – Action packed thriller

Casting – Salman Khan



9. 22 F Kottayam

00202_383875Another female powered movie that asked so many questions and provoked answers from the viewers. The story of a simple unassuming nurse who is cheated on by her boyfriend and raped, and who later plots her revenge on her tormentors with her new made friends and connections. The climax is enough to make the male audience cringe in their seats.

Why it can be remade – Universal story that we read about in our papers of late.

Casting – Kangana Ranaut (Rima Kallingal), Rahul Bose (Fahadh Fazil)


10. Anandabhadram

mal_anandhabadramNo one was prepared for the intensity of this movie. And NO ONE was prepared for Manoj K Jayan!!! the lead hero turns out to be a mere prop in the movie as the film progressed and it was all about the rise of the villain, his intentions and his ultimate failure. Deep in Indian and Hindu mythology and rituals, if remade in its true essence, it will surely be a delight to your senses.

Why it can be remade – A strong Indian mythological base set in modern times

Casting – Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Manoj K Jayan)


There are plenty of other movies that could have made this. Any more you would like to add?


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