No internet?? Chrome is still more fun

LP #003

How many times have you had to see the above message whenever your internet decided to act up?

In my case it was atleast 3-4 times a week. I always wondered what thet little T-Rex meant. I have read articles where it was supposed to signify how outdated your internet connection was or that you are now as helpless as a T-Rex is with those tiny arms. It never satisfied my curiosity and till date still remains unanswered.

That was untill I read an article that completely blew my mind and upon trying it out, cursed myself for every time I got frustrated staring at that little T-Rex. I felt it is something I should share.

You can either wait for you to lose internet connectivity or just switch off your wifi/broadband for a while. Once you refresh your screen, you will be presented with this screen right…

Now press SPACE and wait for a few seconds…

VOILA!!!!! It is a game. Who knew!!!! The objective is pretty simple. You are now the T-Rex and you have to run across a desert and jump over cactuses. The running is automated and you can jump using space or the UP arrow. The counter on the top right keeps track of your score and how far you have run.

Needless to say, touching the cactus leads you to lose your life and have to start all over again.

It might not be the most amazing of games, but it definately is an upgrade from b****ing about the internet connection and mindlessly refreshing the page every few seconds.

Have fun!!

The author is a seasoned marketer with experience over various platforms and marketing functions and is currently employed with one of the largest internet/mobile application companies in the world. Degrees apart, lessons learnt from the School of Hard Knocks and the University of Life has defined his professional and personal outlook.


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