Rahul Gandhi mistakes LGBT display pic for Holi theme

IR #013

Congress president Rahul Gandhi was in for a surprise when reporters started questioning him on his open support of the LGBT community during his latest press conference. Completely shocked by the question that was totally out of his pre rehearsed speech and answers; he was at a loss of words. He managed to regain his composure after 72 seconds of a blank stare and looked over at Digvijay Singh and said, “I thought it was the Holi theme.”

Rahul Gandhi who is currently undergoing extensive tuitions on how to answer questions on Dalits and underprivileged classes was totally unprepared for a question that Mani Shankar Aiyer overwhelmingly claimed was “out of syllabus”. He went on to say that Rahul Gandhi was staying true to his “Indian colors” by pledging his support to the traditional Indian festival of colors – Holi. Rahul Gandhi was deeply moved by the inability of the Dalit family he was stopping over for evening milk & Parle G biscuit that he decided to change his DP to showcase his support for all classes of society to celebrate Holi added Mani Shankar Aiyer.

When questioned on his stand over the LGBT issue, Rahul Gandhi maintained a staunch silence which reflected how far he has come in his public non speaking classes organized by the now retired Manmohan Singh. He eventually decided that would have to make a statement or else he would be asked to appear in Frankly Speaking with Arnab Goswami again. He stated, “I was busy travelling the country and did not know the reason for the new DP. I assumed it was of National importance as my friends were doing it. I checked and Narendra Modi had not changed his, so I wanted to beat him at his social media game and changed mine before him.”

Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi refused to comment.

This article was originally published on Faking News


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