Actors who should be in running to play the next Batman!!

IR #014

Let me get this off my chest right at the start… BEN AFFLECK IS THE WORST CHOICE TO PLAY BATMAN!!!

Please note that I do not doubt his creative genius, or his ability as a story writer, or his capability behind the camera as a director or even his acting skills. All of these I believe he does a brilliant job at; but he is not BATMAN!! In this blog I have put down who I personally think are the best choices to play the role of the masked crusader.

So here it goes in no particular order.

James Franco 


He might have already have had a part to play in a superhero universe by playing the New Goblin in Spiderman but the level of intensity he brings to the characters he plays on screen will surely be easily connectable with the Batman fans worldwide. Being a method actor of sorts, do not be surprised if you see him all buffed up to play the role. Batman – 3/5 ; Bruce Wayne 3/5



Scott Adkins


Many people do not recognise this actor unless you mention his most iconic role – Yuri Boyka in the Undisputed series. Intense looks, martial arts skills and a deep raspy voice to match; Scott Adkins could easily slip into the leather suit and give the villains a run for their money. Batman – 4.5/5 ; Bruce Wayne 3/5



Joseph Gordon Levit


JGL might seem to be the most obvious successor to the throne as he was “entrusted” with the responsibility by the previous Batman but unfortunately it was part of the superhero universe created by Christopher Nolan and it ended with the trilogy. These facts notwithstanding, JGL would still make a really good Batman with his histrionics on screen, albeit a younger one. Batman – 3/5 ; Bruce Wayne 4/5



Luke Evans


Luke Evans has more movies and meaty roles under his belt apart from the role of Bard in The Hobbit. He has been seen rocking the action role in the Immortals and is currently filming for the role of Gaston in the Beauty & the Beast. This proves that he can effortlessly pull off both sides although he will have to buff up a little more to seem convincingly “bad ass”. Batman – 3.5/5 ; Bruce Wayne 3.5/5



Joe Mangianello


Yes, Yes, Yes.. I hear you. Batman does not have a beard and the beard is essential to JM’s swarthy looks and charm. But still, he was once almost finalized for the role of Superman. The deep baritone and physique definitely have things pushing in his favor although the role of the rich playboy might not be up his sleeve. Plus it’s high time Batman sported a little fuzz on the chin. Batman – 4/5 ; Bruce Wayne 2.5/5



Jason Statham


If only he had hair!! There is no other reason that he is not Batman yet. I would not mind seeing a bald Bruce Wayne but I definitely do not want to see Jason Statham with a headpiece. Everything else just falls in place – the martial arts skills, the voice, the personality. If only… Batman – 4/5 ; Bruce Wayne 2.5/5




A few close calls

Matt Bomer

The Magic Mike star certainly has the looks and the physique to pull off a version of Batman that is a little more on the Bruce Wayne side of things.

Zac Efron

People might claim that he is in no way a fit for the character, but imagine a universe where Bruce Wayne is a young adult who is slowly transforming into the menacing masked vigilate of Gotham City.

Sam Worthington

Probably one of the last in my list would be Sam Worthington. He certainly has the brawn to pull of Batman, but somehow does not give the intelligent operator that Batman truly is.

Stephen Amell

On TV he portrays the billionaire vigilante Arrow who is quite a close call to Batman. His TV persona might just prevent him from ever playing the dark knight.

I do not mind if any of the 10 make it as Batman. But please let this be the LAST time Ben Affleck dons the cape.



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