Bilawal Bhutto demands handing over of Boo Ali from Bajrangi Bhaijan for crimes agaist the nation.

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Young and rising Pakistani politician has made it clear to India that there will be no more possibility of talks unless the army and police force manage to catch Boo Ali who managed to smuggle the character Bajrangi in the latest Salman Khan flick. The Pakistan government is convinced that the inspiration for the character and the depicted scenes are a real person.

An unnamed source within the top brass of Pakistan politics explained that Bilawal Bhutto came up with the conclusion himself after watching Bajrangi Bhaijaan on a pirated CD. He pointed out that young Bhutto is taking a career in politics extremely seriously and doing research on Indian capabilities is part of his quest to become the most acclaimed expert on India within Pakistan. This is essential in establishing his image as an intelligent strategic thinker and distance himself from his former role model Rahul Gandhi.

We managed to talk to Bilawal Bhutto and he was very proud of how he came up with this call of action. He explained, “There has been a conscious effort to stay realistic in the movie and many scenes in the movie are just representation of facts. The scenes showing the Samjhauta express, the beauty of the Pakistan side of Kashmir and the ability of a common man to have access to non vegetarian food is part of Pakistani life.”

He continued, “There are three more factors that truly cemented the doubt in my mind that this is a story based on real life and most characters are based on real persons despite the disclaimer in the start of the movie. First is the fact that, Pakistanis only travel to India on proper visas like the mother and the child and not infiltrate like India has claimed. Second is the fact that Pakistan does not shoot people at the border like it is shown in the movie unlike what India does. The final and most compelling piece of evidence is the scene in which Chand Nawab; the reporter tries to cover the story at the Railway station. This is a true event and has been shared multiple times on the internet.”

The ruling party in Pakistan is not aware of these transgressions as they are do not have any young members and have no clue what the normal people of the nation are going through claimed the future prime minister hopeful. He maintained that the ruling party has failed to take action and is not ready to go head to head with India.

On being asked why does he insist on Boo Ali, who is a minor character in the movie to be handed over to Pakistan, Bilawal Bhutto grew agitated. Trying hard to control his visible anger he burst out, “He is the one smuggling people into India and could well be a RAW agent. What is most disturbing is that out of the 4 tunnels into Pakistan; only two have been discovered and covered up. There are two more tunnels that are still open. We need to plug that closed as well. So the Indian government has to hand him over so that we can extract the information from him and try him in court for crimes against the nation.”

Bilawal Bhutto also informed us that his party has launched a private investigation into finding out who are the real people being the Maulana Sahab character and the bus conductor are so that they can be brought to justice. There will be no action against the army officers who let Bajrangi Bhaijaan enter and leave as Bhutto admires men in uniform. He refused to comment on what will happen to the reporter Chand Nawab.

Chand Nawab was unavailable for any comments.


This article was originally published on Faking News.



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