Hi, #itstimetomeet… Dina Menon (001)

IR #024


It has been 1 day since I announced my #Itstimetomeet initiative and I believe the 1st entry that needs to go up is a friend who I have seen and interacted with on almost a daily basis for the past year and a half – my wife, Dina Menon.


I have been married to Dina for a year and we have evolved together in this period. She is one of those few people with whom I interact with in real life more than I do so on Facebook. Even when we were in the courtship phase, Facebook was hardly a medium for communication. We interacted more on Whatsapp and long distance calls rather than use Facebook to express anything with each other.

She however did admit to stalking and scrutinising every element of my Facebook profile before she said “Yes”. It did not help that my profile is unlocked and I have never kept anything hidden. She and her friends had a field day going through my albums and status updates.

Current status:

Dina Menon has now eased into the role of a homemaker and spends her time taking care of her doting husband. She is open to career opportunities in the field of administration although family takes first preference.

Friends on Facebook since:

December 2013

Last time we met in person:

N/A (We meet every day)


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