Hi, #Itstimetomeet… Ali Khan (002)

IR #025

Ever since I embarked on my #Itstimetomeet initiative,I have constantly been wondering how do I structure my posts. What do I share and most importantly, in what order. I have decided to let the structure evolve and the order to be strictly on a FIFO (First in First out) basis. So here is 002 of the #Itstimetomeet series. in case you are not sure what this is about, please click here.


Ali Khan, or my brother from across the border, was my colleague at ChangYou where we had a great run while it lasted. We hit it off immediately and I was pleasantly surprised to know that he was married to an Indian. (Did I mention that Ali is Pakistani?) We quickly bonded over time and realised that we had a lot in common. Discussing work and personal life became a norm. It was great to have a guy like him in the office as other wise some of the turbulent phases we went through would have been extremely difficult. When we had to part ways from our common workplace, we still made it a point to stay in touch. The moment he realised that there was an opportunity for us to work together again, he pulled all the required strings to ensure it gets done. We are colleagues once again.


Current Status

Ali is currently working as a Product Manager at Huawei. He is blessed with 2 wonderful kids and spends his free time thinking of ways to keep them occupied. It is just great to have him around as I go about my new role in the same company.

Friends on Facebook since

June 2014

Last time we met in person

August 2015

#Itstimetomeet date

27 August 2015


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