Hi, #Itstimetomeet… Naseema Chitalwala (006)

IR #031 I have had friends contacting me telling me how unique my campaign is and how they love the concept. Most of them end the conversation wondering why I have not fixed a date with them yet to meet up. Well.. I have been unwell for the past week and more. Also I have… Continue reading Hi, #Itstimetomeet… Naseema Chitalwala (006)

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Is your workplace a CIRCUS????

IR #030 Have you ever said that your work place is a circus? Well, in it's truest sense, the circus is the best example of what an organisation should strive to be. A circus is usually associated with confusion, cacophony, indiscipline and a lack of cohesiveness. I truly believe that this is not the case… Continue reading Is your workplace a CIRCUS????

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Rahul Gandhi to join Bigg Boss 9 to learn real politics

IR #029 In today's CWC meeting, the Congress Working Committee has announced that the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi will be entering the popular show on Colours in its latest edition all set to air in the coming months. Digvijay Singh, was deflecting all questions relating to his marriage and had to take the help… Continue reading Rahul Gandhi to join Bigg Boss 9 to learn real politics


Hi, #Itstimetomeet… Jayanthy Menon (005)

IR #028 My journey with the #Itstimetmeet campaign is facing its own bumps and hurdles with me having to put a hold on future meetings due to 2 main reasons. One, is the amount of pending write ups I have about the people I have already met for this campaign and secondly because I had… Continue reading Hi, #Itstimetomeet… Jayanthy Menon (005)


Hi, #Itstimetomeet… Shahzad Khan (004)

IR #027 The response to my #Itstimetomeet series has been extremely promising. I have had friends message me asking when we are meeting up and if my promise of a beer is actually true. I wonder why that is such a surprise as I usually do end up footing the bill in the many instances… Continue reading Hi, #Itstimetomeet… Shahzad Khan (004)