Hi, #Itstimetomeet… Shahzad Khan (004)

IR #027

The response to my #Itstimetomeet series has been extremely promising. I have had friends message me asking when we are meeting up and if my promise of a beer is actually true. I wonder why that is such a surprise as I usually do end up footing the bill in the many instances we have met before. The true impact of this campaign will be felt when some else also picks it up and decides to do his/her version of it. Do let me know if you see that happening. In case you are not sure what this campaign is all about, please click here.



This time I am writing about another friend from Karachi, Pakistan – Shahzad Khan. I seem to have many friends from that city… Strange!! Well, in case you have been to my Facebook page, you will have noticed the really nice logo and cover image. All done as a personal favour by this buddy of mine. We met during my stint at Hug Digital and was one of the first people who responded in the welcome email that was sent around and the first I met outside work.(We met at GITEX when we both were trying to find the best deal for an iPad… 2 days after I joined.

IMG_2404We shared loads of fun times cracking the dirtiest of jokes, making Naseema’s (Will introduce her soon in another post) life hell by our “ragging” or in more politically correct terms “roasting” and by discussing intellectual topics like Indo – Pak conflicts, religion, culture etc etc. He was my go to person if I needed some design for the client on an urgent basis(Not that he treated it urgently, but I still went to him in the hope that one day he will drop everything and do stuff for me). We can never catch up for drinks… but once the missus is here, we can always catch up for dinner… Family Style.

Current Status

Shahzad currently works as a Digital Art Director at Hug Digital. He is recently married and is looking forward to the official reception and domestication.

Friends since

March 2015

Friends on Facebook since

May 2015

Last time we met in person

August 2015

#Itstimetomeet date

30 August 2015


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