Hi, #Itstimetomeet… Jayanthy Menon (005)

IR #028

My journey with the #Itstimetmeet campaign is facing its own bumps and hurdles with me having to put a hold on future meetings due to 2 main reasons. One, is the amount of pending write ups I have about the people I have already met for this campaign and secondly because I had a semi relapse of a surgery I underwent in 2012. However, I still plan to continue pursuing it once I am done with all my pending posts.  In case you are not sure what this campaign is all about, please click here.


Next person I would like to introduce is Jayanthy Menon, who happens to be my mother-in-law. Now, you might wonder why I am bringing family into the campaign. Well, it’s simple. I have family who are “friends” of mine on Facebook and if I exclude them, my campaign is incomplete.


Most people would make a face of exasperation when they mention their MIL, but not me. Afterall, I look forward to eating at her place at least once a week. My wife is many wonderful things, but an exceptional cook is something she is not. She tries… But it is not exactly her cup of tea. Keeping this in mind, my MIL’s cooking is delicious. Perhaps she is the only other person other than my mom who has managed to get me to overfeed myself voluntarily.

She is also probably one of the most net savvy person of her generation and is equally comfortable with Whatsapp, Facebook most other popular online activities. She is also quite open and can take a joke in its truest sense. She even comes out in open support for me when I decide to tease my wife. Also she is an expert in keeping secrets and is usually my partner in crime when I decide to surprise my wife with gifts or otherwise.


Current Status

Jayanthy Menon is happily married with 3 children. She has one grandchild and cannot keep emphasising how she would like a few more. #Pressure

Friends since

January 2014

Friends on Facebook since

April 2014

Last time we met in person

August 2015

#Itstimetomeet date

30 August 2015


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