Rahul Gandhi to join Bigg Boss 9 to learn real politics

IR #029

In today’s CWC meeting, the Congress Working Committee has announced that the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi will be entering the popular show on Colours in its latest edition all set to air in the coming months.

Digvijay Singh, was deflecting all questions relating to his marriage and had to take the help of the old warhorse Kapil Sibal to bring the voiceferous press reporters to order and focus on the most important story of the day. ” Rahul baba wanted to learn and reflect on the true meaning of politics. This time he decided not to take a vacation away from the public eye but stay in full view of them as he goes about his journey,” revealed Kapil Sibal.

“Bigg Boss is the perfect show for Rahul baba to showcase his immense talent through various tasks and when he gets the chance to become the captain of the house, he will display to the world how good of a Prime Minister he can become,” continued Kapil Sibal. Rahul Gandhi is already busy preparing cheat sheets that he will use when he is in the house and had already been taking special classes to identify when the camera is focused on him.

The duo refused to comment if this was an “Agni Pariksha” or a challenge put forward to Rahul Gandhi to check if he was ready to take on the role of the President of the Indian National Congress. “Rahul baba does not need to prove anything to anyone, said Kapil Sibal, “He is the perfect choice for any leadership role and this stint on Bigg Boss will reestablish his image as being pro – common man. He will show the world that he is just like them, but better in every way.”

When approached for his comment, Rahul Gandhi had this to say, “I am not scared to enter Bigg Boss. They have lots of milk, nutella and a swimming pool where other contestants will wear bikinis. Also I have seen that in earlier episodes, they will punish people by making them “sevaks”. This means that I will have someone to do my work at all times. I am excited!!”

This article was originally published on Faking News


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