Is your workplace a CIRCUS????

IR #030

Have you ever said that your work place is a circus? Well, in it’s truest sense, the circus is the best example of what an organisation should strive to be. A circus is usually associated with confusion, cacophony, indiscipline and a lack of cohesiveness. I truly believe that this is not the case and if an organisation would to strive to achieve to be something, it is a circus.

If you ask me why, well.. Here goes…

The Ring Master is not the star of the show

Brian Crawford Scott of the Fully Charged show coming to Jacksonville is Ringling Bros. newest ringmaster. He studied acting at the University of Northern Colorado before moving to New York to pursue an acting career. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Provided by Feld Entertainment

The Ring Master is the leader of the whole show but in no way is he/she the star performer or the crowd puller. This does not prevent him/her from carrying out their duties to the hilt despite knowing that no one has come to see them perform. This selfless act by top management is something that all companies should adopt.

The Lions are fed


The healthier the lions are, the stronger they are. The chance of them being able to kill their handler with one swipe of their paw just becomes all the more possible. Despite knowing this, the handler ensures that the lions or any other wild animals are fed and injury free. In our offices, if the line managers support their star performers despite knowing that one day, their subordinates might take their place; the results would be astounding.

The Acrobats perform with a safety net


The high-flying, risk taking acrobats are provided with a safety net close to the circus floor just in case they slip or miss a trick. This allows the performers to keep executing those death-defying stunts everyday without worrying about what will happen if they slip during the act. Exactly the same way, the organisation should give their top performers (actually all employees) the feeling of security that if they goof up, the manager has their back. This infuses confidence in the employee and bring out their best everyday.

The Clowns are important people


The clowns are not dissed at or ridiculed but are treated as integral parts of the show. They have their own role to play and even their own space to perform in the total scheme of things. Even on the posters, the clowns have equal representation. In an organisation, there are a few employees who do work that is not exactly front end heavy – the guys who toil away daily despite having jibes aimed against them for the supposed “easy job”. Top organisations always ensure that they get their due.

 The Grandeur of the show is not a reflection

Heavenly show from China

The show is always grand and awesome!! There is no indication of the hardships, of the blood sweat and tears that have gone into producing this grand spectacle. All the outside world sees is smiling faces and beautiful expressions. If any organisation manages to pull this off, i.e. employees project a happy outlook and speak positively about the organisation despite pulling late hours… they have made it.

So in short… Next time someone calls your organisation a circus, explain why it is a compliment.


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