Hi, #Itstimetomeet… Naseema Chitalwala (006)

IR #031

I have had friends contacting me telling me how unique my campaign is and how they love the concept. Most of them end the conversation wondering why I have not fixed a date with them yet to meet up. Well.. I have been unwell for the past week and more. Also I have a few more pending posts to go up and would love to clear the backlog before I start with new meetings to ensure that the write up is fresh.  In case you are not sure what the #Itstimetomeet campaign is all about, please click here.


What do I say about Naseema? She has to be among the most sporting people that I have ever interacted with till date. Day after day, joke after joke is cracked at her expense and all she does is laugh with us. When she wants to show some defiance, she does a “hmpf” and walks away. Not only is she a sport but she has this uncanny knack of giving us (people who pull her leg) enough content to develop jokes on a daily basis.


Jokes apart, Naseema manages to ensure that everyone is on their best behaviour for one week of the month. That is the week she processes the salary.

She truly manages to bring a smile on every ones face in her own way. Miss having you around.

Current Status

Naseema is currently working as the Finance Manager at Hug Digital and loves long drives in cars with tinted windows. She is on the verge of getting hitched.. (I think!)

Friends since

March 2014

Friends on Facebook since

April 2015

Last time we met in person

August 2015

#Itstimetomeet date

28 August 2015


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