Hi, #Itstimetomeet… Ram Mohan Menon (007)

IR #034

I have been extremely busy with my new role at the new company I joined and writing is not something I have had the luxury of in recent days. Now I am on a marathon writing spree and will hope to write as many of my #Itstimetomeet articles as possible. In case you are not sure what the #Itstimetomeet campaign is all about, please click here.


Ram Mohan Menon or Daddy as he is known to everyone is a joy to be around happens to be my father in law. He manages to put a smile on everyones face with his jokes and mannerisms. No wonder he is usually the centre of attention whenever there is a get together of friends or family


His friends swear by “Skipper” (as he is known to them) and his colleagues seem to trust him blindly. Having him stay close by to my home is also a blessing as this ensures that there is no “dry day syndrome” that I have to go through when I feel like having a drink .

One of the most entertaining activities that you can do is to sit down with Daddy and watch a cricket match, especially if India is playing. His commentary and insights during the match is one that has to be experienced and not described.

Current Status

Ram Mohan Menon is currently the Operations head of Mammut Industries and is in no way contemplating retirement yet.

Friends since

February 2014

Friends on Facebook since

February 2014

Last time we met in person

October 2015

#Itstimetomeet date

30 August 2015


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