Hi, #Itstimetomeet… Arun Ghosh (008)

IR #035

I have been extremely busy with my new role at the new company I joined and writing is not something I have had the luxury of in recent days. Now I am on a marathon writing spree and will hope to write as many of my #Itstimetomeet articles as possible. In case you are not sure what the #Itstimetomeet campaign is all about, please click here.


I have known Arun Ghosh or simply Ghosh since my graduation days in V.L.B. Janakiammal College of Arts & Science way back in 2005. We were in the hostel together during the first year and that is where the friendship grew its roots.  We went our separate ways after graduation; Arun to Chennai to do his masters and me to Mumbai to work as a bartender.

IMG_2443Our paths crossed again in 2012 when I was looking for a job in Malta and he started a new job in Dubai. Although moving back to Dubai was never in my list of options, I was intrigued by the company he was working in – GoMad ideas. I had spent a good 6 months looking for the opening of Innovation Manager and here he was in Dubai with the same designation. A quick few messages was all it was needed to rekindle the old friendship and here I was in Dubai working with him.

The venture GoMad din’t work out well but after a series of memorable events (Break ups, depression bouts, drunken madness and a whole lot of other things I cant write about here), we are still in touch and have a great stories to tell when we sit. Now that he is married, the meetings are less frequent and we have moved to different ends of the city but Ghosh will always remain the guy who gave me my first break in Dubai.


Current Status

Arun Ghosh is currently the Sales Account Manager at Pinnacle Computer Systems and still makes it a point to ensure that all his Facebook photos get a minimum of 50 likes.

Friends since

May 2005

Friends on Facebook since

November 2012

Last time we met in person

November 2014

#Itstimetomeet date

26 September 2015


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