Arvind Kejriwal… Now this is just shameful!!


The CBI has been prominent in the news recently. Nope, not because they have finally cracked a few high profile cases (which they actually have in recent days) but because of statements from the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party claiming them to be stooges for the central government and the PMO.

Before I begin my rant about how Arvind Kejriwal is tarnishing the image of India’s premier investigation authority, let us get a few things straight. There are 2 scenarios that are possible here.

  1. The Central Government has nothing to do with this and the CBI is investigating a case of corruption in accordance with its jurisdiction and powers.
  2. The Central Government has directed the CBI to investigate this particular case due to a personal vendetta against the persons involved.

In scenario 1, by tweeting live the CBI raid, I am pretty sure that Arvind Kejriwal is guilty of some form of “Obstruction of Justice”. In scenario 2, wouldn’t the smarter option to stay quiet, let the case fall flat on its face and walk away in slow motion having the last laugh???

Well apparently our politicians are great personalities for whom logic is a hindrance to their power hungry delicate egos.

The honorable Chief Minister of Delhi was once the torch bearer for transparent governance, anti corruption and zero tolerance on allegations. He has many a time went on to quote that the CBI or anyone is free to investigate him or his government for anything as they have nothing to hide. They have forever kept their monetary transactions in full public view and every penny has been accounted for in their open balance sheet.

Then is this outrage at a CBI investigation into his Private Secretary justified? Is he not being a tad too hypocritical when he expresses his displeasure at a raid in his office when once he used to advocate the same and in many cases invite investigation authorities to feel free to investigate him?

When you bring Kejriwal’s growing ego into the mix… the situation becomes a little more complex.

Is Kejriwal pissed off that the CBI managed to smell out a case of corruption without him knowing about it? In this case, sorry to say Mr. Kejriwal, the fault lies fully on your shoulders. How could you not know that your Principal Secretary, Rajendra Kumar was under investigation? How could it escape your attention especially since the case was filed by Ashish Joshi, an officer fired from the Delhi Dialogue Commission by the AAP government in April for smoking?

Also how come you carefully decided to omit the fact that 3 lakh INR in foreign currency was retrieved from Rajendra Kumar’s home in the raid today?

By saying stuff like “Rajender Kumar is one of our most trusted officers. To raid him is to raid the CM,” are you trying to imply that the Chief Minister of a state is above the law? Isn’t establishing the Chief Minister’s office under purview of any investigation body something you actually fought for once upon a time and gathered votes on its basis?

Why Kejriwal… why are you upset now?

You had a golden chance to regain all the respect you had lost among the Indians by standing up straight and co operating with the investigation. You could have set an example for the entire country as a person who practices what he preaches. The beacon for truth and anti corruption that you once were could have been rekindled to a certain level.

But you chose to behave like a low lying, pathetic politician instead by protesting against an investigation and went even further low by calling the Prime Minister of India names like a spoilt 10 year old.

Mr Kejriwal, before you shame yourself further I have a small request. Please do not try to live up to the standard of a petty politician. Please do not forget that you were once an IRS officer selected through the most prestigious of all examinations in our country – the Civil Services Examination.

You decided to step into the sh*t hole known as Indian politics, the least we expect of you is to maintain your dignity and of the Indian Civil Services.

Is it too much to ask or is it that you do have something to hide?



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