Donald Trump invites Arvind Kejriwal to be his running mate in US Presidential elections

IR #053

American presidential candidate Donald Trump has make a shocking announcement earlier today. Taking a complete U-turn from his anti migrant policy, he has decided to rope in support of the more liberal Republicans by inviting the current New Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, as his running mate for the 2016 Presidential elections.

Arvind Kejriwal is the leader of the Aam Aadmi Party or the Common Man Party and has semi successfully -ish lead an anti corruption campaign against anyone who has not joined his party. His skills in playing the blame game and portraying himself as the victim regardless of the situation at hand has endeared him to the unconventional Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was not available for comments as he was having a “bad hair day” but a spokesperson was present to give a statement and answer questions on his behalf. “It is with great pleasure that the messiah of the masses Mr Donald Trump invites his Indian counterpart, the commonest man in the world, Mr Arvind Kejriwal to be his running mate in the upcoming presidential elections,” said the spokesperson.

“Mr Kejriwal has a lot of similarities with Donald Trump and would complement each other perfectly in the race for the Oval office,” continued the spokesperson.”Both of them love to use twitter to express their views,they both believe that they are the best option for their country and most of all, they love to challenge and abuse the highest democratically elected office of the country. Mr. Kejriwal’s latest spat with the Prime Minister of India by calling him a coward and a psychopath brought back fond memories of when Donald Trump had similar confrontations with Barack Obama. The frequent typos in their tweets also show a connection”

Inside sources from the Trump campaign informed us that this move has other objectives as well. By inviting a non American citizen to be running mate, he wishes to subtly quash the image of being anti immigrant while also ensuring that the American public is made aware that he is not the craziest one in the race.

Arvind Kejriwal reacted to this in his typical manner. Appearing before the media, he expressed himself by saying, “I am being targeted by Narendra Modi. On his last visit to US he met Donald Trump secretly in an Applebee’s in New York and forced him to invite me to the USA. I have managed to get the bills from there to prove it.  This is a personal vendetta by the Modi government to get me out of Delhi so that he can become unchallenged. Modi is a dumbo and a poopy face.”

Ashutosh was seen hurrying out the back door to get ready to appear on the Newshour and debate Arnab Goswami on this topic.


This article was originally published on Faking News.



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