Priyanka Chopra to be made honorary Asst. Commissioner for her performance in Jai Gangaajal trailer

IR #054

Mumbai. After creating frenzy on social media yesterday, the latest news to emerge about Priyanka Chopra is that she will be conferred with the honorary title of Assistant Commissioner of Police by the newly elected Bihar Government for her outstanding portrayal of a police officer in the trailer of the upcoming movie Jai Gangaajal.

On further questioning as to why this call was taken, Tej Pratap responded by saying, “Did you not see the trailer of Jai Gangaajal on Facebook? What a performance! If we have more police officers like this in our force, it will inspire both female and male officers to perform as well”. The RJD supporters welcomed this decision and had already started celebrations marking this historic and innovative decision by the newly elected government.This announcement was made late last night by the new Minister for Health and son of Lalu Prasad Yadav, Tej Pratap Yadav. It came as a surprise as the police force is under the Home Ministry which is handled directly by the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. In his announcement, Tej Pratap Yadav said, “It is with great honor that we would like to give the title of Asst. Commissioner to Priyanka Chopra. Unfortunately, this is the highest title that a state government can offer. If it was in my hands I would have made her the Inspector General but the Indian Civil Services does not allow it. My father also agrees with the decision and has supported my demand to the Bihar government”.

RJD leader and kingmaker Lalu Prasad Yadav was elated by the announcement and went on to clarify that this was not one of a kind decision and it has its precedents. He gave the example of Kapil Dev for his contribution to cricket and Malayalam actor Mohanlal for his roles as an army officer in 2 films who were awarded the rank of Lt. Colonel. He also mentioned that Sachin Tendulkar also received the rank of Group Captain. Lalu Prasad, however, emphasized that this will be the first time a police rank is conferred based on the performance in a trailer of a movie, “My sons are innovative and will keep coming up with such wonderful initiatives as they have not been influenced by Indian education”.

On a parting note, Tej Pratap was asked if he felt that all female officers should be ruthless in taking down corrupt politicians like Priyanka Chopra does in the trailer. He looked confused and then replied, “No. I just want them to look as hot as her.”

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was not available for comment. Priyanka Chopra replied to our question via SMS by saying, “is [sic] this a joke???”


This article was originally published on Faking News.


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