2016… Am excited already!!!

IR #056

The break I took for a few weeks to rejuvenate and come to a conclusion on what I want to achieve this year on both a personal and professional level was extremely fruitful. I have quite a good understanding now of how I would like 2016 to pan out for me. Although we all know things rarely go according to plan.

I will detail out my plan for the year in another blog post. Here I wish to let you all know what the new developments for The Book of Ojuufo will be in 2016.

  • A new Instagram channel which will be a humour based account where I will be sharing a few of my one liner “Incoherent Rationales”. No cat photos or pictures of my lunch. In fact no photos of me either. Sorry!
  • My online publications on Faking News and The Arabian Post will be featured here as well as usual. The frequency will be as follows – The Arabian Post (4 posts a month) and Faking News (2 posts a month).
  • The prominent topics on which I will be writing about this year is as follows:
    • Politics
    • Entertainment
    • Social Issues
    • Random Ramblings
    • Dubai
  • I will also be sharing articles written by other bloggers (giving due credit of course!!) on my blog. The views could be contradicting with mine but if well written and makes sense, I have no qualms in sharing it.
  • Finally, after the short lived success and the following devastating failure of #Itstimetomeet, I promise to be a little more careful in the causes I choose to pick up.


In short… Exciting times ahead!!!


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