Rakhi Sawant demands to be interviewed by Bhupendra Chaubey

IR #058

After being out of the limelight for quite a while, the erstwhile queen of off-screen histrionics, Rakhi Sawant has come out all guns blazing citing the complete ineptitude of the Indian media and their bias against home grown actresses with a “past”. She also expressed her rage against the Sunny Leone interview by CNN IBN journalist Bhupendra Chaubey by saying that he was “disrespectable towards the senior artists” like herself by not interviewing them before Sunny Leone.

The current President of the RPI (Athavale) woman wing, seemed highly agitated during the hastily called press conference in which all major media houses were absent. She started off by saying that it is a shame the media is becoming more and more biased these days without doing proper research for their interviews. All members of the media present including yours truly were expecting another tirade against the attitude of the CNN IBN reporter in the recent interview with former adult movie actress Sunny Leone.

Everything was going according to the pre conceived notion until the original Item Girl of Bollywood dropped the bombshell. “How dare he conduct an interview like this? If he wanted to get an actress the support of the entire film industry, he should have interviewed seniors in the industry like me first.”

“He should have asked me about my past and I could have given better answers. God Promise.,” she continued. “If anyone deserves to get a film opposite Aamir Khan it is me and only me. I have done more questionable things in India while living up to my head in Indian culture. Why did he not call me for an interview and asked me those same questions. It is because the media is biased towards actresses from phoren [sic].”

“I have done so many item songs and adult movies but one is willing to give me credit. God promise I will have given a better phataka of an interview. But even then Bollywood will not support me. Remember my kiss with Mika Singh?” she asked a fast thinning crowd of journalists.

Not wanting to be the last journalist left, the writer of this article quickly fled the room. Rakhi was heard saying, “The whole interview was against Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” campaign. He should take action against it and demand that Bhupendra Chaubey interviews me ….”

This article was originally published on Faking News.


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