LGBT Community disappointed no politician wants to play vote bank politics with them

IR #061

With the decision of the Supreme Court pending with respect to the petition for repealing Article 377, the LGBT has expressed disappointment that no political outfit has taken up their cause to play vote bank politics.

The usual pariah culture of the political parties of India has surprisingly been subdued in this regard with the usual hounds, the Indian National Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) maintaining their distance from this just demand by a section of the minority who are being criminalized because of their natural instincts.

She stated, “Whenever there is the slightest possibility of getting 5 minutes of mileage on National television, all political outfits rush to the scene and start expressing support and making absurd accusations. Conspiracy theories are formulated and mudslinging of the lowest order is in full view of the public for political gains. In our case, there has been nothing done and we feel vilified by this nonchalant attitude of our elected representatives.”A self proclaimed spokesperson of the LGBT community, who refused to be named because of possible criminal implications, has gone out openly to suggest that the political parties are not even showing fake concern. An act, which they are adept at doing without the slightest remorse of any kind.

“We do not expect any politician to feel our pain or to take an active interest in ensuring that we are treated on par with our other Indian brothers and sisters. At least they should try and not forget that we are voting citizens too and we feel left out when they do not resort to cheap, third class vote bank politics with us,” she continued.

To add insult to injury, the LGBT community is shattered that even key players like Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi have not stepped into the fray. “Why are Arvind Kejriwal and Ashutosh not accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi for our plight? Our Aadmis are Aam too. Our biggest issue is with Rahul Gandhi. Why has he not come forward to share an evening with a male gay couple to understand our issues? Why did he not take a holiday to Thailand to “reflect” on what we need? This is extremely pathetic,” the LGBT spokesperson continued.

She ended the interview by saying, “We do not expect Aamir Khan or Shah Rukh Khan to make a controversial statement or for any film maker to return their awards. After all, when political parties don’t want to get involved how can we expect any fake solidarity from the film fraternity. But at least Karan Joh… Umm… Sorry. That will be all.”

This surprising act of maturity by the politicians has stumped even the main “voice” of Indian Journalism, Arnab Goswami. When approached by us he seemed utterly devastated and only had this to say… “What has Indian politics come to? This could be the end of the famous Indian democrazy [sic] as we know it.”

This article was originally published on Faking News.


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