Salim Khan implements parental controls on Salman Khan’s data plan

IR #018

Frustrated with Salman Khan’s irresponsible usage of social media, the veteran writer Salim Khan has decided to implement parental controls on Salman Khan’s data package and internet devices. The initial settings only included his grandchildren but Salim Khan was forced to take this call after a series of tweets by Salman Khan about the case against Yakub Memon.

On Sunday, Salman Khan tweeted about the impending execution of the 1993 Mumbai Blast accused, Yakub Memon and went on to challenge the Indian government as well as request the Pakistan government to help in punishing the true culprit, Tiger Memon. Many fans and followers felt that our very own Robin Hood Pandey might have been under the influence of alcohol wile this transpired but Salim Khan rubbished all those allegations.

After his press conference, the elder Khan agreed to talk to this reporter exclusively on what his next course of action will be. “I used to always tell my children that they should not let their inner child die,” explained Salim Khan, “In Salman’s case the issue is that his inner child suddenly emerges at the most inappropriate times.” This is not a psychological disorder explained Khan and is not a cause of worry. As a concerned parent it is high time that he took a bigger interest into what his children did online.

“I asked Salman to give me his social media log in details and have changed his password. In future, if he needs to tweet or share his views, he will have to send it to me as an sms and I will check if it is good enough to be posted online,” explained Salim Khan. The change in the tone of the tweets was very evident with Salman’s latest tweets which had a surprising structure and made complete sense when he withdrew his earlier statements and posted an explanation and apology.

The apology and explanation sent the bhai fans into a frenzy as they were not able to cope with the diction and professionalism of the tweets and many have sought medical help. Salim Khan responded with a smile when questioned if those were his words that were being shared through the account. Next steps in implementing the controls would be the requirement for Salman Khan to deposit his Smartphone with Arbaaz post 8 pm and collect it only in the morning.

Insiders say that the main reason behind this decision was the unavailability of Suresh Raina’s nephew to take the blame.


This article was originally published on Faking News


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