50th blog post for 2015… Mission Accomplished!!

IR #050

Wow!! I did it!!

When I started the year with a target to write 100 blog posts in 2015 I felt it would be an easy target to achieve. After all, all I had to do was write something every 2 days and I would achieve it. When I actually started writing stuff, I realized how difficult that would be for a blogger who was just starting out without any fixed agenda on the topics I would like to cover.

Mid way I had to revise the target to half and put an additional target of getting 5000 hits on the blog as well. This was mainly due to a few personal reasons which prevented me from sticking to the target and almost 2.5 months of complete inactivity on the blog from my end. The reason I added the target of the number of hits was because if I reduced on quantity, I will have to compensate by ensuring the blog is of much higher quality that earlier intended.

As I write this post, I have achieved my target of 50 posts for the year and also have reached 9736 hits till date, of which 9600+ are in 2015 alone.

I will not be setting a target for 2016 yet. But will surely do by the time the year ends.

However, Deep inside me I know… It will not be possible for me to stop writing.

A big thank you to all those who read my blogs and take time to share and comment on them.



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